Blitz Local SEO – 100 keywords

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We’ve developed a proprietary breakthrough strategy that will revolutionize YOUR search results!

Say “good-bye” to traditional Search Optimization…there is a better, more efficient and affordable way to dominate the 1st page of Google.

If you ever shopped for SEO services, then you know standard optimization companies charge hundreds (if not THOUSANDS) of dollars a month to focus on ONLY on 10-25 keywords and take 4-6 months to show any kind of results.
This is the way of the past, we’re entering a new era…SEO 2.0.

How Does Blitz Local SEO 2.0 Work?


Our Blitz Local SEO 2.0 proprietary strategy mathematically re-structures key word and meta tag concentration SOLELY to each clients PRIMARY ECONOMIC ZONE.

How is Website-Structuring Done?

Linear Integral Classification

In layman’s terms, with our Blitz Local SEO 2.0 strategy, we’ll optimize your site to be found for up to 200 geo-targeted keywords! Immediately making you the authority in your local market!


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